Thursday, December 30, 2004


Top Loaf: Friendship Pudding Bread
Recipe: unknown origin

Bottom Loaf: Banana Chocolate Chip Bread
Recipe: adapted from Cooks Illustrated

Friendship Bread: Comes out better when baked as two small loaves rather than one large one. I baked this monster loaf (its crown far exceeded the height of the pan) because I wanted to fit both inside the oven and I didn't have three small loaf pans. The large bread, while tasty, was drier than previous loaves when the batter was split between a pair of small pans.

Banana Chocolate Chip Bread: why chocolate chips? I don't bake with nuts. And chocolate makes everything tastier...I personally like using miniature chocolate chips since they seem to spread the chocolaty goodness around more evenly than large chips.


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