Thursday, May 04, 2006

Chocolate Marble Cake

Mmmm cake! Who doesn't like a nice piece of cake? Thank goodness for rotating dessert duties at work, because it got me back into the kitchen to bake :) I saw this recipe a little while back over at Nic's BakingSheet and I had to give it a try - Sadly, my foodography skills still leave something to be desired - I probably ought to go spend some time paying attention to the IMBB food photography events to learn excuse is I've already too many things on the burner (ha ha!) and don't have time to worry about food styling right now...I figure it's a good thing that I can still be coaxed into the kitchen to find things to cook to post to this woefully neglected blog of mine :)

Anyhow, back to the cake, moist, delicious, and really, quite easy. I'm not so good with the even dropping of batter, so some portions of the cake (like the above) were more chocolatey than others, but that worked out well so people could either go for pieces heavy on the chocolate or heavy on the vanilla...the only tweaks I made were to replace somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2 of the cake flour with whole wheat pastry flour and I used nonfat Vanilla yogurt rather than plain - the cake came out great and didn't affect the taste that I could tell.

Fetch the recipe from Nic and give it a whirl - as for the bowls, I think I only dirtied three - the big mixing bowl, the bowl with the flour, and the bowl for the chocolate mixture. Since I don't normally keep yogurt in the house (I still can't bring myself to eat yogurt on its own - at least none of the low/non-fat sugar free varieties and I don't want to spend the calories on sugared/full fat varieties) I made things a little easier on myself I bought an 8 ounce container of yogurt so I just scooped straight from the container (and saved myself a bowl in the process)!


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Thanks for the recipe...It looks like a great swirl. I gotta give it a try...

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